I had a hair cut.

November 26, 2009

Initially, I wanted to grow my hair really long, like up until the waist. But I discovered a Japanese salon located 5 minutes away from my flat.

It took me 1 phone call and a few pages from Zimbio.com. The next thing I know, I was having my hair examined by Ryoko Yasuda in Sei Salon. She’s a sweetie. I wanted Agyness’ new cut which I found online:

Agyness Deyn

But Ryoko educated me on my face shape and how I should choose cuts that will give a better structure on my soft asian features. So, instead, I got new fringes and a short bob. Happy nevertheless.

I like Ryoko, she was so nice and sweet. She showed me ways on how I can style my new hair. The haircut was pretty expensive but it was a good experience overall.

Ryoko Yasuda of Sei Salon: 6F Republic Glass Building, Salcedo St. Legaspi Village Makati


One Response to “I had a hair cut.”

  1. Hans said

    Cool Cut. Maganda…Nice change…

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