Love… er, Purification is in the air…

February 7, 2010

Last night, I attended a wedding reception of my high school friend.

In a small table, together with some of my close high school friends, were empty bottles of whiskey and vodka hence the bantering and reminiscing of the good old high school days. Certain songs played by the DJ reminded us of our crazy memories in places that are merely substantial to those who grew up in the 90’s. We came to realize how fast time flew.  At this age or point of my time, weddings and christenings seem to be of customary and yet inside my head, I always wonder how surreal  it is to be jumping from a life we all once led as kids to a life with legally bonded relationships, responsibilities, and more.

I have always believed that relationships, be it in love, friendship or career, is something that you constantly work on. You have to exert a good amount of energy to keep a harmonious relationship. And that is not an easy task, if not taxing. Imagine having several roles in a daily basis, and most importantly, being the best in each role you portray. That is something you have to be prepared for. Having said that, domestic pleasure is something that I am still learning.

They say February was derived from the the Latin term februum which means purification. So instead of filling the air with love and cheesiness this Valentine’s, I will be in the learning process of removing undesired habits and optimizing it, as how my boyfriend would put it.

I am happy for my friends who are now with hyphenated last names or who have given birth to beautiful little ones. Their time has come for them to move on to greater things in store for their families. As for the rest, have a great February 14 ❤

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