Hola Marzo!

March 3, 2010

Summer has officially begun here in the Philippines. In a few weeks from now, Boracay photos will surface yet again all over Facebook. More and more people are giving up meat (Lent being an excuse) and hitting the gym in time for beach trips and more picture taking by the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I also need my gym time. But this whole hullabaloo of dieting and losing weight only comes in during summer season. It’s like christmas time is eating time. Then comes spring, which obviously we don’t have thus the prompt transition to summer fasting. I simply find it amusing.

Now that our country is experiencing the El Niño, crops are in peril and perhaps (looking at it in a positive angle) this would help those on a diet! Hehehe. True, this weather condition is not a laughing matter. But there’s no need for you to rub that smile on your face. It is summer. And no matter how hot and dry the weather can get in the tropics, a lot of people, if not everyone is looking forward to a fun-filled summer vacation. 

Have a happy summer!!!


Looks like this will be a great month… Remember, keep your head cool and show some skin 🙂 Oh and here’s an interesting read for everyone which I found online: Do not get sucked in by the rip! (I learned this when I tried surfing a few years back, and i think this is important information that everyone must know, especially to those who have little children or those who are not strong & smart swimmers). 



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