P for Passion

March 25, 2010

8 years ago, I would have thought that I would end up writing every single day. 10 years ago, all I ever wanted was to dance. Now, it’s been years since university life, and who would have thought that I would end up in a world of entrepreneurship. “One who undertakes an endeavor”, as wiki defines it. Come to think of it, life itself is an endeavor. A serious determined effort towards, well… happiness. Now clouded with all efforts to succeed in business, I find flashes of uncertainty at times… as there are seemingly two sides of myself: me wanting to have more &  me questioning why.

As that is concerned, I enjoy working. To see my business grow is an achievement I owe to myself, my partners, my employees and the supportive people around me. It’s a fulfillment that gives me pleasure…  a responsibility that turned into passion. I reckon as humans, we will always question why why why are we living our lives in a certain way. Perhaps if we could simplify it to the deepest level, we somehow live towards our own passion. Many are still trying to figure out their way… their purpose… their life’s intention. WHATEVER. I know I still am.

I strongly think believing on something and finding great passion in life is important. But is questioning your passion, talent or belief an irony or must I say, tragic? Oh C’est la vie.

I need a drink.


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