On surfing:

February 19, 2012

Online, I have this thing of at least I end up doing checking random photos and videos of foreign people from all over the world. And just by looking at their photos, you realize their characteristics or how they are as a person. How fun & crazy the person is, how sporty and adventurous one is, or how somber and serious one can be. Stereotyping? Perhaps, not that I am being judgmental. But I find it rather amusing as I have no clue who these people are, yet I find a certain connection just by looking at photos. It’s like you have this imagination of being in that photo or video, maybe being friends with that person because you describe yourself as adventurous, or fashionable, or artsy just like that person (– so you think).



Then you see a link of cute well groomed dogs… AND JUST LIKE THAT, you’re imagination stops.







See what I mean??????


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