Ya. Time flies so fast.

March 2, 2012

As one of  my best friends and I were fixing our summer plans, we had sudden flashbacks of our younger days. We recalled certain incidents that made 2003 the summer that was. We had little money at that time, but somehow we would end up more drunk & wasted than any of our recent days. Every night was a new night to make friends and every day was a new day to try and recall who these actual people were.

It’s funny how when you start reminiscing with friends, you would always end up remembering the crazy memories that got  you all into trouble. Those times when we tried making the biggest J ala Cheech and Chong, took 15 nasty tequila shots for 1 free t-shirt, partied on a sand bar… 9, 10 years ago, all are remembered, crystal clear in our heads. These friends who stayed, disappeared and who we met along the way share with us all these different memories that are saved in our heads.

After talking about it, I started thinking of how I was back then. I had an uncanny feeling of myself.

– Like I feel so different now, but not really.

– Like it’s a clean slate, but you end up doing the same thing all over again.

– Like a déjà vu of some sort.

They say all these experiences make up who you are today. And today, much like any other days of my ALMOST 28th year, I either end up confused or wanting to be more than what I am, as if I’m in a hurry.

It amazes me how time really does fly sooo fast. You blink and the next thing you know, it’s been a month, a year, a decade. And when you start reminiscing or remembering the fun old days, it makes you realize more and more the importance of today and how it’s always






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