Fuerza Bruta

March 10, 2012

Last night, I walked in a dark tent with a lot of anticipation. Curious and not knowing what to expect, there was a man in the middle of a big space, running on a large elevated treadmill. That was the start of the show. There were no seats, no curtains, no stage. The whole space was THE show. After the awe, I was trying to understand the meaning behind all the running, as if the man was running for his monotonous life. But when everything else came along, I realized that I shouldn’t have to think too deep and just experience everything else that is happening around, in front, above and beside me. There were a lot stomping, shouting, jumping and gawking. I found myself dancing in a middle of a rave party, jumping and shouting like crazy. I just walked into a music video. The group of Argentinians displayed this sensual and visual creation that gave me goose bumps. It was so surreal, so visual. It was a celebration of life! The soundtrack was extraordinary. I can only say so much and leave these few sentences because it is something that you must experience first hand. You need to feel it to understand it. You need to see it and hear it. I am so happy that there are creative people in this world who are willing to share their experiences to everyone. Who would have thought that Fiber glass, Water, Styrofoam and Boxes can leave you breathless and amazed.

“Fuerza Bruta”  (Brute Force) premiered at the Manila Hotel Tent on Feb. 14, 2012 and will run until March 26, 2012. If you find Fuerza Bruta in your country, DO NOT MISS IT.


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