Do you believe in destiny?

March 15, 2012

Just recently, I was asked this question. It was not my first time to be asked such a philosophical question, a cliché more so. But every time I answer, I would always think it through as if my answer would change.

It doesn’t.

I do believe in destiny. Or fate, stars aligning or God’s will (for others). However, like a personified fortune, I believe that a man must not completely aspire his destiny as it is created by himself through his own actions… his own character. Ya, things happen because it simply must happen. It’s like a force of nature or an activity stimulated by surrounding energies. But there’s a saying that goes it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. The world will just present to you the chances, and it is up to you if you’re going to grab it. There will always be that time when you get to see or meet someone, but if you don’t do anything, that chance will just pass you by. There will always be that time when you get offered to do something, but if you don’t take it, that opportunity will just pass you by. There will always be that time when you face change, but if you’re too afraid to experience it, the world will just pass you by.

I will not lie and pretend that I wasn’t shy or afraid to face destiny. A number of times, I shook my head and secretly hoped for another opening. But that’s normal. In life, you don’t need to face everything all at once. Like a blooming flower, it takes time.

With all efforts in composing my reason, when the man I just met asked me that question, all I answered was…


I felt an explanation was not expected… he was practically a stranger. And while I liked sharing ideas or stories to an interesting stranger, I would want to believe that destiny was playing its role at that moment……………….. 🙂


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