Thirsty Thursday

March 15, 2012

8 am Staff Meeting for 2 branches

2 pm Facial

8 pm Sushi !

That’s my calendar for today. It’s 5:30 pm, I  just got home and I’m already dying for a drink. This week went by pretty fast, I realized I haven’t had a night out since Friday last week. Since a few of my friends are on hiatus from alcohol (dear me!) because of Lent, I have been limiting my drinking nights as well. Not that I find it difficult, I am quite surprised myself that I find pleasure in sober nights of boxing, last full shows, jamba juice dates and well, reading (haha!) — an unusual cup of tea since I am used to clubbing, bar hopping or simple nightcaps. But if you live in Manila, staying away from ALL THAT puts things in perspective. In order for me to survive this city, I feel the need to stay away from it once in a while. Because then I find myself missing it.

Like today.

I want to drink, I want to go out, I want to dress up. BUT tonight is sushi night w the ladies, and normally that’s just a lot of chatting. So there.


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