Korean, educated and female?

March 18, 2012

While I was browsing online, I saw this at the side panel of a website. The line Korean, educated and female? Find a matchmaker was screaming at me, like it was downright difficult to not mind it, and not click it for that matter. So yes I found myself read through the short article about successful or educated Korean women in Seoul taking refuge in matchmaking  companies as their worried mothers wish for the best. According to the article, there is “an unfavorable perception toward too smart women” in Korea thus making it difficult for them to find their own match. I would think that in other parts of the world, this same sentiment is shared by today’s career women. Not that I am affected by this article (mmm, slightly glad ?), but it made me think of the reasons why this is an important issue for women nowadays.

I only have a number of single girl friends since most of my friends are happily coupled, perhaps waiting for the next step in their lives. Well, my single friends and I would discuss how we feel that the quest for hot, sexy, smart and competent men exist nowhere near Manila, unless of course you break it down to just hot, just smart or sadly… just rich. Going back to these successful career women, obviously they live up to certain standards that make it difficult for them to see eye to eye with a man. Having high standards does eliminate a big chunk of men. Not to mention cutting out the married ones, the young ones and the gay ones. Sigh.

Amazingly enough, more and more Koreans are embracing this modern way of finding love (or companionship). Imagine having to pay almost a thousand bucks to actually meet someone?? They should just spend that money in traveling, they might have a higher chance of meeting someone, and/or if not, at least have a great time! Anyway, the way I see it, the smarter women get, the more they realize that they should not put up with reckless or useless incompetent men. As simple as it can be!


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