because I can’t sleep

March 20, 2012

Monday night is always boxing + Jamba juice night with my best friend Ange. I would be asleep by now but for some reason, I am wide awake going through random music videos online. Maybe it’s the energy I got from an intense work out. Whatever it is, here I am writing my way to sleep. And while I’m at it, I would like to share with you my excitement for the days to come.

Summer is my all time favorite because I get to plan trips that simply require shorts & flip flops. And for this year, I am happy (extremely delighted!!!) to say that I will finally be exploring Bohol! And on my birthday!!! My good friend Melissa was sweet enough to say yes to my invite. Since my birthday this year falls on Good Friday and normally everyone in Manila has plans on Holy Week, I’m glad that she’s game to spend her holiday with ME! Hehe! So yes, I will be turning 28 underwater in Bohol with Melissa and all the beautiful fishies in the Philippines. A quiet and different birthday, but that’s just the start. Can’t wait to know what 28 will feel like. Gaaah! 🙂

But before that, I get to travel again to Puerto Galera (2nd time this year!). Haven’t been to Puerto Galera in years – last time was back when I was still in university- and just recently I went there to check out the Malasimbo Festival (awesome stuff) and now, will be back this end of March for some fun work. Yaaay!

Now all I have to figure out are my weekends after Holy Week and before Labor day in May. I’m booked for Boracay this end of April, so is half of the people in Manila for sure. Anyway, this year I’m looking forward to seeing different destinations in the Philippines. I have been traveling abroad for the past few years so I told myself, this year I should see more of my own country. Mindanao is still on my list!!!

Anyway, it’s almost 2 so good night amigos. Will finally crawl into my bed and hopefully fall asleep  xx


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