Come on now

March 26, 2012

When men regress (i think they really do at some point in their life), the girl friends or wives take into consideration the many excuses their men spit out because of their love and patience- as natural character of women. When a man cheats, lies, gambles repeatedly or  basically becomes of distinguishing quality, it is not surprising for women to stay or take them back just because they are afraid of opening their eyes and seeing the truth.

Just this past week, I have heard a number of stories from emotional women because of their significant others. And no matter how logical I present my opinion about the situation, it can become taxing because sometimes, all I can do is stay by their side. As a friend, it is important to state all the facts and give them strength while remembering to be sensitive to their feelings.  But when you feel that the man of your friend is really up to no good, it is important to fight for that opinion. A difficult role, of course it is easier said than done, but someone has to do that job. Though I’m a firm believer of change (yeeea men change- well, at least SOME do), it is also important to let your friends be and well… hope for the very best.

To my girl friends, some stronger than the other, some weak as can be. All i can say is, don’t be afraid (It’s okay to be single : ) hehehe…) Though this song is about forgiveness, it’s not mandatory to forget. In some cases, it is wiser not to forget so you don’t end up being taken advantage of the second time around.


And mainly because I like this song, so i just decided to include it here. Ha! xx


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