Game changer

April 23, 2012

Just when you thought things would run smoothly, there’s always a point you hit that changes everything. You realize that it’s not exactly what you’re thinking, expecting or worse, what you wanted – or needed for that matter. Having been down this road before, it is to no surprise that my mind actively takes over my emotions (or should i say, my heart) yet again. When I was a lot younger, it was exciting to play the so called game of lust & love. A great game I tell ya! Often times easy, on bad days somewhat challenging. But as I have gotten to know myself better (translation: getting older), I feel that I am simply losing patience with this so called “game”. I feel like I do not even want to bother which greatly shows my lack of  interest in playing. Is it the player? – not referring to myself, ya? Or is it the game? Clearly, I am not inspired at the moment. Not that I am complaining, I am thankful these men are.. well, just there. But these game changers.. these things that make you go eh?? … it makes me think and analyze and basically lose the excitement. Joie damour, is there such a thing?

Or maybe it is me. Well, if it is me and my mind… then I’ll be damned.





Someone, tell me something new… ; )


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