Men who pack

May 5, 2012

Being an avid fan of packing (Yes I love it. While some hate packing, I actually enjoy it as it signifies the start of my travel experience), it interests me to know how other people pack their travel essentials. It’s like my interest in seeing friend’s houses or apartments for the first time. When you see people’s homes, you see almost a whole part of them. And for me, Packing goes the same. It shows your personality, how much of an Obsessive Compulsive person you are, or maybe a slack. Before, I would often pack for my ex-boyfriend since he’s a frequent business traveler. He was always the “dump everything inside” kind of packer. He believes that as long as he has his wallet, mobile phone and laptop, everything else can be bought (and he usually forgets to pack something thus the task of being his official travel packer). So anyway, every time I would pack his stuff, it felt like I was putting a part of me in his luggage and that when he gets to his destination and opens his luggage, there’s me…….. not him… but me.

I know there are men that are very particular with the way they pack their clothes while others could care less on how to roll or fold a shirt. Women on the other hand have their own way of fitting kilos of clothing, shoes, accessories, make-up, toiletries and all other important things (while leaving a tantamount of space for newly shopped items) in a medium sized luggage – making sure it doesn’t go overweight. True, yes? Well… Packing, it is an art indeed.


4 Responses to “Men who pack”

  1. Beibei Wu said

    Thanks for sharing this video. My BF loves Mr. Porter! ^^

  2. Katie said

    Please pack my stuff for me, always. :p

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