It’s a Love Hate Relationship

June 8, 2012

I feel as if the city I live in is like having a lover I can’t quite get rid of. You see, Manila is not like other “world cities” (say New York, Hong Kong, London to name a few) but there’s a certain beauty in it. I believe that the attraction lies in the people that live in it… and the countless nights of partying or incessant drinking that goes with it. But then it gets tiring, like a lover becoming all too familiar. And exactly because of that, I constantly look for space because I know that in time, I will miss it and look for it. (Man I need that space right now!)

Someone once told me I’m in the wrong city. Yes, I can easily trade traffic, pollution, inefficiency and sometimes stupidity (sad!) with First World order, cleanliness, efficiency and intelligence if asked. But then again, really… I think I am exactly where I should be – for now. Ranting and hustling in this chaotic city that is Manila.



*Sigh* so about that space………………..



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