Nuevo, Neu, New

July 8, 2012

Can you imagine, we’re already halfway through 2012?? I’ve been told that this year is a good year for me, being a Rat & an Aries. And so far, I am still waiting for that confirmation. Since I have been working on a new project, perhaps this is what I have been waiting for.

Last year was utterly shitty, for lack of a better term. In all aspects of my life, things did not work well as if the universe and myself were lost in translation. I have been trying my very best to exude patience and for an easily distracted person, it is taxing, tiring and sometimes traumatizing.

But but but, NOW is different. Looking forward to the better half of 2012!! I am ready to hit the dance floor and shake everything I have got. New and better things will happen, i can feel it. If not, well then I’ll say it in a different language.

Sí? Ja? Yes? ; )


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