Boys will be boys, Girls will be girls

July 29, 2012

In my attempt to try and recall last night’s, er, debauchery, I have come to realize that excessive vodka, blinding club lights and well, a british accent make a man entirely sexy. And for what it’s worth, hearing the words “You are so beautiful” made him even much better. Regardless if he meant it (which I would want to believe heehee) or if he just wanted to take me home (which is what you are probably thinking).

Prior to that and all the other snippets of drunken events in my poor memory which includes me dancing on the ledge (??),  I was introduced by a good friend of mine to a nice decent man (his colleague) who probably now thinks I am a whore. Well, maybe a nice whore… I was nice to him. Anyway, these are all blah blah blahs because my point is, with my best friend’s voice nagging from the back of the car about my preference in men, I just can’t help say that that is just how it is.

A comparable thing happened to one of my good friends, also from last night. But more serious in her level. It is common knowledge that people end up liking someone similar to them or their lifestyle. Hot women like hot guys, but then some if not most of these men end up being douche bags. And I tell you, my friend is HOT. Like really hot. But still, her heart got broken. I know it’s always a matter of choice. In this case, the choice in men. But sometimes, there are things you simply cannot alter. Or at least not easily.

Anyway who knows.. when the cupid throws the arrow,  it might just leave me with a big surprise. But for now, with last night’s setting, really.. colleague vs. the british accent, the latter wins. xx


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