Mad, Passionate, Extraordinary

September 10, 2012

Since that night I bumped into this past.. lover (?), it seems as if i can’t help but think of him, like his image sporadically pops up in my mind, and really- at random times! I know it’s very high school, but the mere fact that I get all obsessed thinking of him makes me realize so many things. It’s not just because of the challenge that he is not amused by me (it was a very quick romance), not because i am liking his new scruffy look, and not because i now know nothing about him but all the nice things that is what’s left in my memory… BUT it’s actually the realization that


So all these questions in my head about the men I am seeing, all the Ya maybe I like him, He’s nice – I do like him BUT…, I don’t know but I like his company… all blah blahs.

But ok, I really do like their company haha ; ) really. It’s just that something is missing… And now I know better… ♥


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