November 25, 2012

After a long and inebriated night of dancing and shouting – yes shouting, waking up at 2 in the afternoon with a sore body on a sunny Sunday would ideally leave me feeling like a zombie. But today is different! For some reason, I woke up with full energy and the ability to think of all these inspiring things (important & unimportant) that I would want to do for the coming month of December.

Going back to last night’s chaos, the music festival I attended was surprisingly pretty awesome. Production wise, for Manila standards, my friends and I were all impressed and I guarantee that next year’s event will be even better and bigger. Props to Big Fish!

Moving on… my normal Sunday actually consists of nothing but whatever I could think of doing. So apart from my coffee and sweets daily ritual, today I will be planning my December and January. Fully recharged from all the ass dancing, I am now excited to pencil in all my travel, work and Christmas plans on my planner. Time is running so fast I feel that 2013 is chasing after all of us. Now inspired BUT still on a case of the jitters – I still have a test to pass next week (for me to be officially a SEC-Licensed Certified Investment Solicitor)! But after that, I can freely welcome in the Holiday madness. A surf trip, Christmas dinners here & there and a beach trip to cap off the Dragon year are somehow set… still working on a few things but altogether, my December is looking pretty good.

Loving this great energy!!! I think I needed last night to break all the seriousness in my bones. I hope this energy continues throughout the week. Will be needing all the positive vibe in the world to complete my 3rd mutual fund license. And in lieu of the US Thanksgiving celebration (belated), Big Thanks to my sister, my business partners, my mentors, my friends and to all of those who inspire me to become the best that I can be in whatever role I portray.

Happy for the good influence and for all the great experiences that opens up my creativity. Blowing kisses and wishes that you too live your light : )


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