Farewell 2012!

December 28, 2012

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas… ♥

Mine was nice and mellow, though with copious amount of food thanks to my eager sister. Our rosemary lemon chicken was a success and it deserved a photo fresh out of the broiler!

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Doesn’t it look yummy?? : ) If only you could smell the rosemary & see how juicy the chicken was.

Well, enough of the Christmas holiday hangover. Now, I’m very much looking forward to New Year’s Eve! My bags are packed and I’m ready to go bask under the Boracay sun and get all brown – like the chicken- before saying hello to 2013. So this will probably be my last post of the year.

Now that I’ve thought of that, I don’t really want to leave you all with just a post of my gorgeous chicken. I would want to believe that I’m better than that and thankful that 2012 was a much better year than that of it’s previous.

So here’s a photo of the morning after Christmas eve.

Pasta & Chicken

Yummy left overs!!! : ) hahaha Ok, well now I can finally move on and bid farewell to 2012.

Dearest 2012,

You have been really nice to me. It was quite an experience, Thank you! So many surprising (good) moments have happened. It was a slow start but each month, there was positive progress. I learned a lot this year and I feel like I have really grown emotionally & mentally.

They say after all the rain comes a rainbow… and truly you were the rainbow. I am normally not good with endings but this time, a new and much better chapter is waiting for me. Hence all the excitement. I am very grateful for everything that has happened this year and to everyone that taught me so many things that made me learn more about myself. I have finally learned that big disappointments come from high expectations, and I will definitely keep that in mind. Finally looking forward to letting go off the unnecessary baggage and starting anew once again.

So farewell to you 2012. It is time for more learning & growing… mentally, emotionally and spiritually, this coming new year.

Lots of Love,


Happy New Year everyone! I wish you all more love and passion with whatever you are doing, whoever you are with and wherever you are ♥ ♥ ♥

neil gaiman

See you next year xx


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