Small world, after all

January 18, 2013

7 months ago (wow such a looong time ago), I wrote a post about this certain stranger I get to see in scattered instances. It was as if I knew in one way or another, I would get to meet this person… like anything can happen. True enough, at the start of this year, in an island far away from the city, I had the chance to “sort of” meet him. Sort of being the operative word, because it didn’t really go down to how I expected it to be. It was in a loud club by the beach at way past midnight, and I was slightly sober as I had an early flight out the next day. He, on the other hand, was (highly?) intoxicated.. it just wan’t the right mix.  From what I can recall, he stood beside me and my friends by the bar, and I thought I felt a nudge, perhaps a tap but really by now I can’t remember. To cut it short, it was an exchange of his slurring words and a lot of my “what??”s  until giving up was just about the right thing to do. Sad that I had envisioned him all silver-tongued and charming. Or that I was boring and sober on a seemingly fun night. Wrong timing? Maybe. But then again, I knew I was right… it really is a small world after all!



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