New Year, New Post

January 2, 2014


Last year was all about fun, all about me exploring… Did a LOT of traveling, met new friends and more importantly, fell in love ♥ ♥ ♥ – the best thing that happened in my 2013 : )

Well, this year will be a little different. 2014 will be all about work, saving and getting myself busy hopefully with new projects on the side. I know, what a boring resolution. But all I can think of right now is that in 4 months time, I will be turning 30 and I know I still have sooo many things to accomplish. 11 years ago, I wrote on a piece of paper my “101 dreams before I turn 30”. To date, I have accomplished 54 dreams out of 101. Some would probably take more time (like 28. go on a Mediterranean cruise 61. plan my dream wedding 79. have cute children) and some are mmm, probably no longer appropriate (28. Party in Ibiza 3. Take up my MBA abroad and 22. live in New York – sigh!). But I do can’t wait to tick off these cheap thrills like 35. climb a mountain (doing it this month!!!), 91. ask for an autograph (?) and 97. dance in the rain (i still can’t believe i have never!).


Anyway, I only have 3 major goals for this year and I hope that you too will make everything you’ve ever wished for come true this 2014. Make it happen!


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