Aah Romania!

April 11, 2015

I have 2 beautiful Romanian girl friends and I met them both here in Manila. Simona and Laura, though they do not personally know each other, are quite similar to one another. They both have this feisty go-getter attitude that seems very “Romanian”. Laura, who became a close friend, moved back to Bucharest last year after 9 years of living in the Philippines. As I have always wanted to visit and see Eastern Europe, I promised her that I would visit her in her country one of these days.

Luckily, my sweet boyfriend ♥♥♥ who had to go to Romania for a business conference, surprised me with a ticket! And there I was, traveling 9,251 km to Bucharest 🙂

Known for their historical architecture, Bucharest the capital of Romania has somehow modernized in present-day. You will see a mixture of old and new buildings with little Orthodox churches sitting quietly in between. Walking around Bucharest, I felt like I was in Paris (well, a darker, more rugged version of Paris) because of the Parisian style buildings and their doorways and small boutique alleys. Though fascinating to see, I would say Romania’s beauty lies outside the city. Their mountains, country side and medieval towns have unique characteristics that make their country charming yet mysterious.

We drove to Transylvania and went around Brasov and Bran, 2 lovely towns that you must visit. Naturally, we wouldn’t miss to see the Dracula’s castle. Also, since there was still snow in the mountains, we had a great time sledding down the hill with plastic bags, no less.

And to cap off our trip, we had one night out in the city, a Shawarma pit stop PLUS the yummy Mici (a traditional Romanian dish of grilled ground meat rolls made from a mixture of beef, lamb, pork and spices) for lunch.

I wasn’t able to see Constanza, Sibiu and other places in Romania so I don’t mind going back perhaps during their Summertime. All in all, Romania was fascinating and it was truly more than what we know of which has anything to do with Dracula.







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