Welcome to Club Paradise!

September 3, 2015

It was a sunny day. The sky was clear & blue and the clouds were almost nowhere in sight – a great day to be in Paradise!

We (my boyfriend & I) arrived in Busuanga airport after a quick 1 hour flight and we were greeted by 2 smiling men holding a Club Paradise sign. They escorted us to the van that lead us to a nice private boat exclusively for the resort guests. They gave us a sandwich and some bottled water after handing us these shell bracelets with the logo of the resort. I wore that bracelet for the whole 3 days I was there in the island.

Mang Carding, one of the welcome crew that joined us in the boat, has been with Club Paradise for about 20 years already. He started working in Club Paradise when it was still managed by a German man. Now that the Discovery Leisure group acquired the resort a year ago, he is considered one of the original (and popular) employees of the resort.

The second we got to the island, I was ecstatic. The white sand was almost blinding and the staff were all smiling and singing their original song that goes “Welcome to Club Paradise!…” Refreshments were served and a complimentary foot massage was waiting for us outside our beach front cottage. How awesome was that?

The service of this resort is truly 5 stars and I am happy to be able to visit before they fully jump start their Discovery Leisure renovation. The beach front cottage was spacious and cozy, with dark wood flooring, a large bed with white sheets and fluffy pillows, a walk in closet and a modest bathroom – a beach cottage that I have envisioned as I was booking the room online. Though the food menu and quality was not that grand, everything else was superb. From the manager that approached us to say hi, to Mang Carding who took us snorkeling, to the boys that set up the volleyball net and to the staff that taught us towel origami, our stay in Club Paradise was indeed a vacation in Paradise. This definitely won’t be our last visit.







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