Bamboo Banana Boracay

September 18, 2015






Bamboo Banana Boracay is a cute little house located in Boracay’s station 1 area. The owner, my friend Miguelito, turned his property into a colorful, homey and fun vibe for foreigners who prefer or like to travel off the path. Away from the beach front, it takes about 8 minutes to walk from the house to the pristine white sand beach strip Boracay is known for. Yes, there are loads of accommodations in the beach front area – from hostels to budget rooms to 5 star hotels. But if you want to try something different and see the residential and quieter side of Boracay, then you will like this place. It’s simple but very homey. The bathrooms are decent and newly renovated, the bed is comfortable and there’s even a balcony where you can dry your wet suits and shirts. Spread all throughout the house are inspiring anecdotes made with Miguelito’s creative touches and every morning, you can sit in the common area, share Bananas (for free!) and stories with your friends and other guests in the house. The house currently has 2 air-conditioned rooms with spacious attics on top (where you can also sleep on a cool hammock and feel the fresh island breeze). Miguelito is very funny, friendly & accommodating so if you wish to stay in Boracay and meet new friends, Miguelito will definitely assist you and tell you funny stories about life in the Philippines.



2 Responses to “Bamboo Banana Boracay”

  1. Vinh N said

    Boracay is a must-see place for me to go. So pretty!

    Check out my latest post here

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