April 16, 2016


How is it that I am now all of a sudden 32? I feel like being 25 was just yesterday. Have things changed? Slightly for the better I’d say, and I am very grateful for that. But it could be a lot better and striving for those goals in life is what’s keeping me busy.

As I look back, I would like to share with you the 5 things I have learned since I stepped into the early adulthood life. Just in case you are interested 😉

  1. Have certain goals and put a deadline on it

When I was 18 years old, I wrote a bucket list filled with travel plans, career goals, and even material things that I wanted to have at that time. It even included cheap thrills like ask for an autograph or dance in the rain. It was a list of 101 things to do before I turn 30, written on a bond paper (during Lab class in Uni – i remember) and I would take that paper out every time to highlight the things I have already achieved. I was able to accomplish 60% of what’s written and I’m quite pleased with the turn out. So I started a new list of 50 things to do before I turn 40.

At work, it is always emphasized by our company that we need to have a clear goal and a specific timeline. We need to constantly look at it, visualize and work smart to make sure that every day, we are getting closer to that goal. I still have so many things I would like to accomplish and I feel like I am still far from it. But knowing that I will, one day, be able to tick off the numbers on my new bucket list gets me all hopeful and excited.

2. Travel

Spend on experiences, not material things. Choose to travel around Europe or explore South East Asia than to buy that latest iPhone or those new pair of designer shoes. Trust me, being in your 20’s while traveling with your friends will be one of your greatest memories in life. Do not be afraid to travel alone or to meet strangers (well, nice and cool strangers).

Traveling gives you a broader perspective in life. You learn to adapt, you learn to become brave, you learn how to small talk, you learn how to live on a budget and the list just goes on and on. I know, I know.. there are thousands of articles online saying that you should travel. All I could say is, seeing the beauty of the world will make you realize how lucky you are to be alive and to be able.

3. Create multiple income streams

Saving is a must. Having a Retirement Fund is a must. So creating multiple income streams will really be helpful to have a Savings & Retirement Fund especially for a full time employee or a young entrepreneur. When I was 24 years old, I left my corporate job and started a small restaurant business. The first few years were fortunately good. However, business trends change and I found myself getting worried about my finances. That is why I decided to take on another job and have another source of income. Having numerous income streams will actually help you save more because you are earning more. And in today’s world, it is so much easier to have another job or another source of income. One can join Uber or Airbnb, sell items on ebay or Etsy, one can write and sell their articles, or even teach English online. There is no excuse for you to say that you can not save because your salary is not enough. Nowadays, the opportunities are endless. So don’t be ashamed and get moving! “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle“.

4. Experience life as a single person

Teenagers are so excited to fall in love. I remember, I was. But once you get to your 20’s, now that’s really where the fun begins.

Go meet people, socialize, flirt, do not commit when deep down you know being single is still fun. Many people cheat nowadays. It’s so common that it becomes uninteresting at some point. Being single is fun and then when you are lucky enough to meet that special person, commit because you are ridiculously and happily in love. And when it feels right, life will get even much better.

5. Don’t compare

You will always have that one friend that gets everything. Sometimes you will feel that you and the Universe are not getting along well. A heartache will come, a missed opportunity will fly by. But that is what makes us stronger and better. As you get older, you will realize that it does not take much to make you happy. The important things in life will be the only things that matter (and it will mostly revolve around family, friends and your loved ones). So don’t feel bad if your friend gets to buy a BMW while you still have your old Toyota. If anything, let it inspire you.

Still so many life lessons to share but here’s the most important one, for me at least. They say 32 is the age at which we turn into our parents. Funny but I would say that the message is so on point. My father, who passed away almost a year ago, has always been extremely frugal. This trait has been passed on to me and every time I make monetary decisions, I always remember him. Parents would be so uptight while their children are growing up, however you will slowly realize that everything they do is really actually for us. So love love love your parents. Show it and say it ♥



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