Apulit Island (El Nido Resorts)

July 5, 2016


Finally found the time to post about my Palawan trip last April 9… ☺️

Apulit Island is an Eco-Adventure island resort set in Taytay Bay, North-east of Palawan. It’s an hour flight from Manila via AirSwift (which handles the air travel of guests booked in any of the El Nido Resorts). In the Manila Domestic Airport (Terminal 4), you will already feel the hospitality and exclusivity of the El Nido Resorts as you will be handed free refreshments and a light breakfast snack while waiting to board the plane. Upon arrival at the El Nido airport, a customized jeepney  will shuttle all passengers to the receiving area. Some Kakanin or rice cake (a native Filipino delicacy) are served with refreshments at the receiving area. From there, a private van will take the guests to Taytay for about 45 minutes and then another 40 minutes by boat to get to the island.

It was about 10 am at that time when we reached Taytay. Unfortunately, the boat ride on our way to Apulit Island was so rough due to the strong waves clashing on the speed boat that I got really dizzy and sea sick. Thankfully I survived without vomiting or anything haha! And good thing that the boat ride going back to Taytay (on our last day in Palawan) was very smooth.. so I was really happy about that.

Anyway, as we approached the island, we could already see the beautiful Water Cottages over the crystal clear turquoise water. The sun was shining, the staff welcomed us w a nice song (and some more refreshments!), after that hell of a boat ride, I felt that everything became perfect once again.

The service was exceptional. There were staff members that were once from the old Club Noah that still remain in the now-El Nido Resort. All loyal & loving ladies and gentlemen servicing us with a smile.


Swimming Pool area


View during Breakfast


View from the top, before rappelling

There are so many outdoor activities you could do on the island. You can climb up the cross that’s on top of the limestones and rappel down 60m, hike up the mountain and end up on the other side of the island, go rock climbing 90m high, do paddle boarding & kayaking, snorkel and feed the fishes, go scuba diving or just have a piña colada while sun bathing. This island is perfect for adventure seekers, couples or families with kids.

These photos are not even half as good as how it is in person. And this is just one of the wonderful islands in El Nido Palawan. I can’t wait to see more of Palawan soon. 🙂



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  1. vinneve said

    That was an awesome views!

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